Let me help you feel good about yourself and leave with a smile on your face.


Been thinking about my time with you a lot these past several days and just want to thank you so much for all you have done for me.  My whole attitude about my cancer has really gotten more positive thanks to you.  You are a truly wonderful person and I consider you also a friend.

Yesterday I spoke with my beautician, Cole and told her about you and that you had given me some Remake info for her.  I told her I got a wig, but hadn’t worn it outside yet.  She said that I should put on my wig and bring the brochures over to her.  Well, when I got there she just loved the wig; couldn’t say enough good things about it.  She also did say she would contact you next week and perhaps even get out to see you.  She was really excited; as was my neighbor who stopped by last night.  I owe you so much.

Do take care and keep in touch.  Thanks again.



I met with Cindy, this past Tuesday, to consult with her on buzz cutting my hair and getting a wig. Because of rapid hair loss due to stress and Alopecia.

Cindy is fabulous, Even after making her wait for well over an hour because I got lost, fell on the skating rink in Heart of the Cities public parking lot, she kept trying to contact me until we finally made contact and she talked me through how to get to the building she was in. 

She treats her clients with the best customer service experience. She instantly made me feel comfortable. I never felt ashamed or that she treated me with any less respect after making her evening longer. 

Thanks so much Cindy, 




Deb S.

"My natural hair is thinning.  I love 'wigging out'!  People love my hair.  I tell them where they can get it, Remake Salon!  

Two of my friends are now 'wigging out'."

- Deb S.

Janice K.

“No one thinks it's a wig!  It's crazy!  I always get compliments."

- Janice K.

Ruth D."Thanks for being so wonderful during this difficult time."

- Ruth D.

More Testimonials and Photos:

"I met Cindy just as I was going through chemotherapy three years ago.  She helped me with my wig and when my hair grew back I continued going to her at Remake Salon.  Cindy is creative and does a great job of styling and cutting my hair.  I like the salon because it is small and easily accessible from Burnsville Pkwy.  Cindy is the owner/operator and since she works by appointment only the atmosphere is relaxing because she does not over book; thus normally you are the only person in her salon with her when she is working with you."

- Mary Jane

"After being diagnosed with breast cancer in November I had so many emotions running through my head.  There are so many things to think about. Once surgery was over I did learn I am very blessed with my prognosis.  As precaution I am going through chemo, radiation and herceptin treatments. I have always had long, beautiful hair and I had to start thinking about the fact I would be losing it.  I found Remake Salon on a list I was given and went to meet Cindy.  She handled this whole loss for me in a way that was such a blessing.  She actually made it a very fun experience.  Cindy gradually cut my hair shorter to match a hairpiece I picked out and then when I made the decision to have it taken off she showed me several short haircuts to see what I would look like.  I had worn long hair for so long it had no idea how I would look in short hair.  My adult daughter was with me and Cindy even showed her what a Mohawk would look like.  We all laughed, Cindy showed me how to wear my hairpiece without my hair, I got a big hug from Cindy, walked out the door and I have never regretted any of my decisions.  My wish is that every woman going through this journey has an experience similar to mine.  I have been so blessed."

- Brenda

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